Hair is shampooed, deep conditioned, blow dried, trimmed as necessary, then braided into a specialized pattern based on desired style. Hair is then sewn onto braided pattern, cut and styled per request. Full sew in weaves can be worn for up to 8 to 10 weeks with proper maintenance. Lace closures and lace frontals are sewed down or secured with bonding agent. Bi-weekly maintenance is required. Virgin hair is available by request.


Weave Services

Full Sew In-$275

All hair is braided down with a weaving net attached with or without leave out.

Full Sew In Closure-$300

Lace closure to be secured with bonding agent or sewn down.

*Tightening is required every two to three weeks-$35


Full Sew In with Frontal-$325

Lace frontal to be secured with bonding agent or sewn down.

*Tightening is required every two to three weeks-$50


Clip-In Install-$150

Custom or General full set of clip-ins, to be installed, blended and styled. Does not included shampoo and condition.


Individual Tracks-$45 per row

Individual weave tracks (wefts) to be added row by row and blended throughout the natural hair.

Micro Links Full Head-$300

Micro beads are attached to natural hair, then connected to attached wefted hair. This method is undetectable and is best suited for strong healthy hair. Hair can be worn in a high ponytail for a complete natural look.


Custom Extension Coloring-$40 pre bundle

Coloring your extensions bundles or closures is available.

Braid Down- $45

Shampoo and condition, with five to six braids. Does not include wig application.

 Wig/Weave Hair Cut-$45

Wig/Unit Shampoo and Condition-$45

Wig/Unit Style-$45

Wig Combs-$15

Elastic Bands-$10

Take Down-$30


Shampoo and condition, natural hair braided down, wig or unit sewn down/attached and styled.

Custom U-Part-$210 Hair not included

A precision mold/cast of clients head and exact measurements of scalp is created. A full sew weave with or without leave out is sewn to the mold for complete customized hair unit. This saves in take down and installation time.

*Custom units made with quality virgin hair are known to last up to two years.

Lace Closure/Lace Frontal Removable Weave Unit Prices starts at $200 (without hair)

Lace frontal/closure can be added to any custom unit. Can also be purchased and custom colored at the salon or client can purchase their on own. Unit can be sewn down or customized with combs and elastic bands to allow to wear as a wig that can removed daily.

*Units can last up to 2 to 3 years. With Proper maintenance, repair, and installation.